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Cableweek Aims to Make Sure That We DO NOT Forget.


On 5 April 2010, WikiLeaks released this classified US military video depicting the indiscriminate slaying of over a dozen people in the Iraqi suburb of New Baghdad, including two Reuters news staff.

Over three years later – Julian Assange is trapped in London’s Ecuadorean embassy, in the United Kingdom. Despite this, we still have yet to fully discover what is contained in WikiLeaks releases.

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Cableweek is a global effort to analyse Wikileaks releases, providing unbiased reporting and information unstained by the main stream media. Cableweek is not exclusive to Cablegate.  Wikileaks supporters will also analyse data from:

  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • The Afghan War Logs
  • Global Intelligence Files
  • The Kissinger Files
  • The Spy Files
  • The Syria Files
  • The WikiLeaks Archive

Spread mainstream awareness

Wikileaks has a strong following.

Even with that following, much of Wikileaks goes unheard.  WikiLeaks’ recent publishing of the Intellectual Property chapter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership was met with radio silence by the main stream media. Thus, in the face of their silence, we strive to make sure this information gets the attention it deserves.

WikiLeaks wants to ensure

that all leaked material gets the attention it deserves.

Cableweek aims to help fulfill this goal.